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Local Sportscaster

Meet Bill Glynn, our live and kickin' sportscaster. Whenever there's local sports worth broadcasting, you'll hear Bill at the mic. Bill's love of sports is contagious, and he brings his enthusiasm to every game, from high school through professional sports.

Bill got into broadcasting because of two loves - baseball and bands! From the time he was a little kid, Bill was obsessed with baseball, doing anything to be part of that world, whether it was to play the game, to be a batboy, to collect tickets, or to just breathe the dust from the diamond! He came from a family of firefighters, born and bred in Hartford (actually, his dad really was born in a firehouse!), but his love of baseball kept him out of the firehouse and in the stadium. As he and his love of baseball grew, so did his love of big band music - Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and the like - and there was only one place he could imagine that would allow him to be involved with both his passions - radio.

His broadcasting plans were postponed by World War II, where he served in both the Navy and Marines in the Pacific, Japan and China. When he left the service, he enrolled in the New England School of Radio Broadcasting in Bridgeport. He took whatever job he could get, finally ending up on what was then WCNX (now WLIS/WMRD) where he served as newscaster, DJ, program director, and finally became the play-by-play radio announcer for the Bristol Red Sox, the New Britain Red Sox, and the New Britain Rock Cats. He also became the favorite play-by-play announcer for the local high schools as well as for the American Legion. When he stopped working full time in 1976, after 25 years, he continued to broadcast any game, any sport, any time for the station!

Bill never married - he found that most girls just didn't go in for sports, and certainly didn't want life to revolve around sports. Well, sports have always been part of the Bill Glynn package. Now he considers all the high school kids he meets through his broadcasting to be his kids, and swears they keep him young! At 81, and still going strong, you can't argue with that!

Advice he may give to any young person who'd like to get into broadcasting? Go to a good college that has a radio broadcasting facility, get involved, and then get an internship at a station - it could lead to great things!

Beyond baseball and bands, Bill has another basic love - a love of punctuality. He makes it a point to never be late, and to often be early, something that has at times gotten him in trouble. He especially remembers a game between Bristol and Redding, where he showed up two hours early, as usual, proceeded to the dugout and recorded the player line-up. Come game time, he realized that he had it all wrong, that the players he was announcing weren't the ones running onto the field. It turns out that he had recorded the previous night's line-up -they hadn't yet changed it when he got down to work! However, he still believes that in the world of live broadcasting, anything can go wrong, so the earlier you are, the better prepared you are.

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